keywords increase site traffic

How to Use Keywords to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Brittany Estes August 23, 2017

Use our guide to keyword planners, tools, SEO best practices, and analytics to help plan and execute a keyword strategy to increase traffic to your website. We break down how to use short vs. long tail keywords in context with trends and evergreen content to help you drive traffic to your site and increase conversions.

Search with SolrSwiftype

How to Integrate Search Platforms with Content Management Systems

Brittany Estes August 21, 2017

Learn how to integrate enterprise search with platforms like Solr and Swiftype with your WordPress or Drupal CMS for powerful solutions with dynamic facets. We break down the top search platforms by cost, control, implementation, and quality attributes to help you find the perfect search solution for your website.

What's new in WordPress 4.8.1

How to Increase Conversions with WordPress

Brittany Estes August 15, 2017

How do you attract users to your website, particularly if you use WordPress as your content management system? Learn how to increase conversion rates and drive traffic with our step-by-step guide that leverages the power of WordPress as a CMS.

drupal 8 USIP Apache Solr

Why You Should Integrate Apache Solr with Drupal 8

Brittany Estes August 9, 2017

WDG integrated Apache Solr for faceted search for the United States Institute of Peace website redesign on Drupal 8 with custom filters and landing pages.

Wireframe design

The Importance of Drafting Wireframes

Brittany Estes July 17, 2017

Wireframes, simply put, are vital steps in the user interface design processes. They help design and strategy teams visualize and anticipate content while organizing overall site structure. They are also a great way to begin developing meaningful interface solutions.

Stakeholder buy-in to process

The Importance of Stakeholder Buy-In

Brittany Estes July 7, 2017

High level stakeholders provide valuable strategic objectives for overall project direction. When working on a marketing or technology initiative, engaging higher-up members of the organization can be more valuable than simply meeting the aims of the engagement. In order to guarantee success on all levels, garner stakeholder involvement and participation as early as possible to […]

To scroll or not to scroll

The Pros and Cons of Infinite Scroll

Brittany Estes June 27, 2017

Infinite scroll is a highly popular–if not divisive–design choice. Choosing whether or not to utilize infinite scroll can impact user experience, lead generation, and much more. Infinite scrolling is a technique which prevents the browser scroll bar from reaching the bottom of the page. Instead, the content is extended as the user scrolls further down […]

6 Ways to Help Ensure Website Security

6 Ways to Help Ensure Website Security

Brittany Estes June 7, 2017

In mid-May, a massive, unprecedented worldwide cyber attack left hundreds of thousands of computers crippled in over 150 countries. The WannaCry ransomware attack used stolen NSA technology to spread throughout the internet and demand ransom from users in the form of Bitcoin, temporarily halting the daily functioning of major organizations like the NHS in Britain, […]

Randall Parrish loves GiveBack DC

GiveBack DC 2017: Let’s #GiveArt to Truesdell School!

Brittany Estes May 24, 2017

At WDG, we know life is about much more than work. Our clients and the WDG family keep us plenty busy, but we never forget our DC-area roots. We started our GiveBack DC nonprofit initiative five years ago. While the format of WDG’s charitable work has grown and changed, our dedication to the local community never […]

This summer #GiveArt to Truesdell School for GiveBack DC

GiveBack DC Seeks Donations for Truesdell Art Department

Brittany Estes May 16, 2017

GiveBack DC begins Summer GiveArt initiative to help the students of Truesdell.

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