Join WDG in supporting 4 year-old Madelyn in her fight against cancer.

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Who is Maddie?

Madelyn (Maddie) is an adorable 4 year-old from Virginia. She loves dancing, painting, singing, and playing games with her little brother. She is also fighting a rare form of cancer. Maddie was diagnosed in June 2017 with a Rhabdoid tumor of the kidney. To date, Maddie has undergone 5 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 surgeries to remove the tumor and eliminate the nodules found in her lungs. In August, the nodules were no longer visible and the tumor removed. At this time, Maddie is still undergoing in-patient treatment in Virginia. When she’s not receiving treatment, Maddie loves to go to dance class and make everyone around her smile with her adorable dimples.

Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is a devastating epidemic, which affects children on a much larger scale than most people realize. Every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer, and more than 40,000 children undergo cancer treatment each year. Maddie’s struggle is incredibly personal to all those who know her and the Cabatic family. However, her parents realize the vital importance of spreading awareness about childhood cancer for every child who is–or will be–affected.

How are we helping?

GiveBack DC is an initiative founded and managed by WDG. We mobilize the D.C. tech community to give back by donating creative and technical skills to deserving causes. To date, GiveBack DC has donated $500,000 in products and services to local nonprofits and organizations. This year, we are helping spread awareness of childhood cancer on behalf of Maddie. Through these fundraising efforts, we hope to support Maddie alongside other families fighting against cancer.  We are engaging DC tech and other communities in an extended fundraising effort to support her Go Fund Me campaign, which you can link to from here.

What can you do?

Our fundraising efforts will be directly supporting Maddie’s Go Fund Me campaign. You can read more of her story with updates on her progress on her Go Fund Me page. While these funds are designed to support Maddie during treatment, they will also help raise awareness of the widespread impact of childhood cancer. While the Cabatic family is grateful for donations of any size, it is most important to spread knowledge and action surrounding childhood cancer. Please support the families, children, and communities by sending positive vibes, prayers, and/or donating today.  As Maddie sweetly reminds us, we are doing this “for the kids who get pokes and tubey!”

“Each individual has a very specific battle they are fighting; let us remember this and spread love and kindness. From this experience, we have learned to treasure each day, each moment, to be grateful, and to always have faith and hope!”

Vanessa & Jonathan Cabatic

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