With WDG, a strong digital presence will help your nonprofit expand the reach of your mission in order to better serve your community. We have worked extensively with nonprofits of different scales to help permeate their impact across audiences. Drive donations, broaden outreach efforts, and promote your non-profit organization with WDG’s digital expertise. 

Inspire action.

 WDG works with nonprofits to increase user digital engagement as a means of expanding an organization’s outreach. By connecting with community members through responsive capabilities and easily accessible mobile integration, actionable impact becomes a concrete reality. Based out of Washington DC, WDG has worked with dozens of well-established nonprofits to increase overall visibility while providing the latest technologies to sustain growth.

With years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, our development team has customized WordPress and Drupal specifically to help medium-to-large nonprofit organizations deploy scalable, flexible, and secure content heavy websites.

Interested in connecting with a nonprofit digital expert?  Email us at [email protected] to set up a consultation with a strategist.

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Increase in Donations

Share your expertise.

In order to share crucial nonprofit expertise and messaging, WDG provides the strategy and products to quickly and effectively publish resources. WDG strategists provide direction for blogs and social media sharing platforms while our technology experts utilize powerful WordPress and Drupal platforms to feature and share your insights.

Push your outreach further.

Targeted KPIs

Donation growth
Average gift size
Pledge fulfillment
Brand awareness
Event registration
Mobile traffic
Email marketing
Fundraising ROI
Social media engagement

Tailored Services

Inbound marketing
Search engine marketing
Content strategy
Information architecture
Mobile strategy
API integrations
Search integrations
WordPress & Drupal
Data migration

Technology with nonprofits in mind.

SalsaLabs is a nonprofit CRM tool for donor management, fundraising, advocacy, and marketing. WDG works with SalsaLabs integrations to fuel great causes across the globe.
SalesForce is a multifaceted CRM and analytics tool. WDG integrated Salesforce for nonprofits to manage their user analytics and donation platforms.
WordPress is the recommended platform for nonprofit organizations. WordPress is a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use content management system customized and fully integrated with donation and take action tools.
Drupal is an impressive and flexible framework that can serve as a powerful content management system. We recommend Drupal for nonprofits that require complex integrations and have the need for a custom developed web application.
Email Append a powerful solution to increase your email database by simply finding and appending email addresses to your existing direct mail postal list.  Through email appending services, non-profits can instantly increase their email database by 40 percent.



Nonprofits benefit from partnerships which support a comprehensive digital presence to expand their mission.

Featured Work

Red Cross web design and WordPress development project

American Red Cross

Real-time disaster relief and digital resources at your fingertips.

Green America

Green America

Supporting an environmentally sustainable and socially just society with an intuitive user experience.

FINCA International

FINCA Impact Finance

Creating global, sustainable growth through a targeted user experience.

Drive donations and create direct impact.

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