Strengthening an industry leader with revamped content and design.

ccessPoint is an established leader in providing employment-related services across industries. We partnered with AccessPoint for a full scale site redesign, including a restructured information architecture, refreshed aesthetic, and comprehensive content writing.

Project Mission

AccessPoint sought a full scale site redesign with refreshed branding and custom content. They also wanted to coalesce three ancillary sites into the main AccessPoint site for a streamlined user experience with improved navigation and flexibility.   

What We Did

Using targeted exercises with key stakeholder input, our Strategy team reconfigured the information architecture, navigation, and taxonomies to coalesce all sites into a single entity. We also used tailored designs and content to reinforce the new branding with custom, flexible layouts on WordPress for an improved user experience.

Strategizing for Success

Our Content Marketing team created a targeted information architecture to recenter the user experience, including a restructured navigation and page hierarchy. We also established brand voice and tone, as well as messaging for site content through key strategy exercises and working sessions. Our team worked to reconfigure AccessPoint’s messaging within their brand to better target specific services and industries for increased conversions.  We also created a comprehensive set of strategy guidelines to ensure consistent copy across all pages.

Customizing the User Experience

The WDG Strategy and Design teams worked closely to create a self-identifying quiz on the homepage to segment users according to need, thereby driving users further into the site. The custom quiz provides selections specific to unique audiences to better tailor content based on visitor needs. We also worked closely with AccessPoint’s team to establish iconography for every industry and service with a clean and consistent style. This allowed AccessPoint’s team to be less dependent on photography for the buildout and site maintenance.

Engaging Stakeholders in Design

Our design team began with a kickoff session involving high level stakeholders from AccessPoint’s management team. We presented several mood boards to establish individual preferences and styles, ultimately choosing a minimalist, clean aesthetic in line with the new brand direction. We integrated the brand’s accent color of red, but balanced it with blue and white for a more visually pleasing color palette. Our team also subtly integrated the brand’s previous hexagon pattern in the new design through key angles and diagonal lines. These were integrated in targeted areas to draw the eye towards important calls to action or information points.

Guidelines for Aesthetic Consistency

As a key part of the site refresh, new assets were required. Our design team crafted custom photography guidelines to establish style, mood, color, and shot types with specifications and examples. This allowed AccessPoint’s team to integrate carefully styled shots with a consistent theme across the site and ensures longevity as the site continues to scale.

Crafting Content in Context with Design

Content and design teams worked in a cross-team collaboration process. This allowed for design and content to influence one another in real time. AccessPoint’s team was able to visualize written content in context with design as a result, creating a more streamlined approval process. In terms of creation, the collaborative process permitted our teams to integrate specific content elements into the wireframes for improved design accuracy. Each of the stylized components were identified and labeled for the AccessPoint team as flexible or non-flexible layouts in a kitchen sink. Elements included featured cards, content with images, right rail options, and recommendations for style component pairings.

Crafting Content for a New Brand Experience

WDG’s Content Marketing team wrote all content for several high level landing pages. The improved content direction emphasized the newly aggregated branding of AccessPoint subsidiary organizations through cohesive messaging. Our team worked with AccessPoint in a multi-round revision process to ensure rapid content production. To create aesthetic and page continuity, we worked in tandem with our design team throughout the project lifecycle. This included leveraging a content audit of AccessPoint’s site to inform initial wireframes. We also  worked simultaneously with design to integrate written content into the approved designs. Our team provided layout direction and asset suggestions in the content copy as well, creating contextualized recommendations for specific assets.

Developing for WordPress Flexibility

For the back end, our development team created customized posts for news. The industries and services pages were built using flexible layouts on WordPress for an easier administrative experience and to ensure content longevity. The custom office location taxonomies had their own archive view and were used to cover all of the state level locations as well as the cities with single or multiple offices.

Custom Development Features

For the front end, our development team created a custom designed mega menu which coalesced the ancillary with main site navigations in an improved site structure. Customization also extended to AccessPoint’s kitchen sink of image options, testimonials, and text sliders. We created unique accordion elements with the ability to expand upon opening for increased user engagement. Using custom AJAX filters for the “Our Team” and “News” pages allows the user to quickly and efficiently locate key information from filtered results. They also allow for real time updates so the user does not need to wait for page refresh. These were built with speed in mind as queries used to generate the filters are stored in the database for quicker rendering for all users.

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