American Red Cross

Real-time disaster relief digital resources at your fingertips.

uring disaster situations, American Red Cross provides online and on-location training courses and online contribution avenues to help assist communities in duress. WDG partnered with American Red Cross to streamline the user experience, create a comprehensive disaster relief dashboard, and incorporate more functional administration practices for content curation.

Project Mission

Confronted with a growing mobile audience, American Red Cross needed to upgrade their non-adaptive mobile interface to help users more easily locate and leverage appropriate resources during times of crisis.

What We Did

Our primary task was to create an aggregated platform that highlighted the American Red Cross’ breadth of relief services.

Creating User Flow for a Disaster Relief Organization

Our primary challenge was to design an adaptive site that catered unique experiences across a full spectrum of devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop. To begin, we conducted a heuristic evaluation of both desktop and mobile interfaces to understand the current user flow and to identify any existing discrepancies between the two.

From these evaluations, it was clear our efforts had to be directed towards simplifying user interactions and limiting the amount of clicks needed to complete a task. Our creative strategists chose to construct a seamless, app-like product to meet American Red Cross’ needs and ensure the selection process was consistent for the user.

Rapid Prototyping the User Experience

For our initial proposed interface, we relied on early user testing and quick iterations, designed the interface using low fidelity wireframes, and simulated the developed product with InVisionApp. This allowed us to test the interface as a prototype on a mobile device without writing any code. InVisionApp also allowed us to share the proposed interface with American Red Cross for them to test and provide feedback.

A Mobile, Customized, and Curated Experience

American Red Cross site users benefit fully from all available content at their fingertips through a winning combination of accessible information, resources, and customization.


Disaster Relief

This responsive platform enables volunteers and victims quick and easy access to resources for real time assistance.

User Profile

Each user has the ability to create their own profile, allowing for a customized dashboard featuring classes, donations, volunteering, etc.


With access to customization at their fingertips, this interface adapts to each user’s mission, passions, emergencies and mobile lifestyle.

Real Time Updates and Integrations

American Red Cross needed a more consolidated method of keeping the wider public up-to-date as disaster situations occurred. To achieve this, our creative team came up with an all inclusive disaster dashboard that served as a central hub for disaster and support information.

Relief Services, All From a Dashboard

To build this central dashboard for gathering information, we built a feature to fetch content from American Red Cross’s social media accounts within the parameters of the API and serve those results onto the dashboard as new updates appeared on different sources. By pulling the results into WordPress, the editors had the ability to delete, edit, and publish specific posts and filter the accounts and keywords they wanted to include.

Leveraging Social Media Aggregation

We designed and built a social media platform—including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube—to aggregate current disaster information and display it to the public from the centralized dashboard, via curated lists. This is done in such a way as to give content managers editorial control over what posts to publish, as well as preventing overlapping publication updates.

Red Cross Social Media Disaster Action Center web design mockup

Locate Disaster Resources Wherever You Are

The disaster action dashboard also included a custom built map integrating American Red Cross’s API with Google Maps, a location-based element directing users to action or helping them find disaster relief. Based on disaster locations, the map visually showcased different American Red Cross services–including emergency response vehicles, shelters, and American Red Cross response sites–which were each filtered by disaster.

We were also designed warning systems within the responsive interface to notify visitors when a natural disaster was approaching. This map feature was later extended to mobile as well.

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