Learning Without Tears

Utilizing flexible layouts in Drupal to innovate learning for students of all levels.

earning Without Tears (LWT) recently rebranded, consolidating several successful initiatives into single company focus promoting learning and content mastery for students. With innovate research at its core, Learning Without Tears offers developmentally appropriate tools and strategies for children of all learning styles and levels. WDG partnered with LWT to provide a polished new site under the consolidated brand.


Project Mission

As LWT recently coalesced three separate company entities into a single rebranding effort, they needed a robust site with a bright, engaging design to better present content and create conversions for targeted demographics.

What We Did

WDG’s design and development teams worked to create a flexible Drupal site with migrated content and an enticing aesthetic to appeal to professional audiences with a powerful new brand with CV3 integration.

A Colorful Design

LWT created the information architecture for their new site internally, providing initial wireframes for WDG’s design team as inspiration for their new site design. With a robust inventory of materials, products, and resources, a unique color-coded system was used to distinguish between program types and levels. The bright colors were an integral part of a new style guide, created by WDG’s design team, with clear parameters set for color themes to help ensure brand consistency. The style guide also established how particular components and themes work in tandem, creating distinct correlations between color choice and content type.

Reinforcing Brand Value

The overall aesthetic was designed to appeal to a strategically targeted selection of audiences, including school administrators, parents, and children as users. Therefore, the final product needed to balance a professional, yet child-friendly, aesthetic to entice these varied audiences. LWT helped WDG designers distill photography choices within the design to give appropriate attention to age group, diversity, custom illustrations from products, and other key details used to drive revenue growth. We also included custom components within the flexible design to help emphasize the value of the new brand and their many products, including specific recommendations for statistics, video integrations, and callouts for related products on their shopping site.

Ensuring Continuous Flexibility

WDG created flexible components rather than templates for LWT. This grants their administrators the ability to stack items in horizontal blocks, meaning they are able to order headers, stats, programs, images, testimonials, and much more in repositioned sections of their choosing. The integration of established color schemes creates continuity between the pages, and flexible components allow admins to adapt and repurpose elements as needed for future site management should the side architecture expand or change.

Employing Drupal 7 for Administrative Flexibility

LWT already had a high degree of comfort with Drupal as a content management system, considering their original site was developed using Drupal 6. WDG’s development team therefore upgraded their site to Drupal 7, utilizing a flexible theme and and migrating a large number of custom modules over from the original site. With a large scope of migration, 30 database tables and 20 custom modules were ported over. The essential modules included components vital in LWT’s business administration, including SSO, profile and license management, purchase/order/sales, campaign-style redirects, and analytics.

Within a template site, you're building for the spot. Within a flexible structure, you're building for the global.

Randall Parrish Senior Designer, WDG

Seemless Service Integration

We employed two integrated services for LWT to ensure site security and a powerful user experience. CV3 was used to ensure single sign-on security. As a new product that doesn’t allow direct reading or writing, we developed our own custom modules to communicate with CV3 and pull valuable information as needed. We also integrated LWT’s original license management software, Plus Live Insights, to help manage product licenses and ensure correct users/license agreement. Importantly, we migrated and ported a wide variety of LWT products from the Drupal 6 site, including Screener, WDT, Learning Lounge, Digital Teaching Tools, and more.

Searching with Swiftype

WDG developers employed Swiftype as a federated search integration that allows users to search resources from multiple properties. Swiftype offers the ability to edit search result abstracts to best illustrate internal content and help drive SEO. The use of federated search allows for integration with CV3 in providing search results not only for the main site, but also the connected shopping site. Capitalizing on the new URL lwtears.com, we also connected this to the associated shopping site, shopping.lwtears.com.

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