World Movement for Democracy

Advancing democracy on a global stage.

orld Movement for Democracy is a global nonprofit organization that works to advance democracy through a worldwide network of civil society activists, scholars, parliamentarians, thought leaders, journalists, and funders. WDG partnered with World Movement for Democracy to reinvigorate their brand, grow their network capabilities with targeted integrations, and migrate the site from Drupal to a flexible WordPress content management system.

Project Mission

World Movement for Democracy sought to reinforce their position as a global influencer for democracy with increased user engagement. They also needed an easier means of administration with flexible content capabilities as they advanced their mission in the international arena.

What We Did

WDG partnered with World Movement for Democracy to institute a more intuitive navigation structure with reinvigorated brand aesthetic for an improved user experience. Our team helped World Movement for Democracy capitalize on a strong social media presence with targeted integrations to directly engage with users through a mobile responsive News and Alerts system.

An Improved User Experience for All

World Movement for Democracy sought to improve both the user and content administrator experience on a more powerful CMS. By migrating from Drupal to WordPress flexible layouts for easier administration, the World Movement for Democracy team is now able to add and modify content in real time across the site. We also designed a custom flexible case study module to highlight World Movement for Democracy’s worldwide impact. Such flexibility also creates more concentrated promotion opportunities for important updates and content targeted towards unique user profiles, including donors, global partners, and activists. WDG’s strategy team restructured the navigation in line with the new information architecture to better drive users to key information, creating a more intuitive user experience.

Designing for Action

Our design team worked with World Movement for Democracy stakeholders to establish a striking new aesthetic with reinvigorated branding to promote user action. Our senior designers began by presenting three different mood boards to World Movement for Democracy, with the chosen design best representing the re-energized aesthetic. Gradients, vibrancy, and a bright blue-green color scheme were balanced with dark tones to create a clean, focused design. We incorporated custom hover states, accordion expansion, and other effects in key locations to highlight important information and drive users deeper into the site.

Engaging Directly with Users

The proactive messaging instituted across World Movement for Democracy’s reinvigorated site allows users to engage more efficiently and directly with the organization. The “News & Alerts” section leverages targeted social media integrations, specifically incorporating the organization’s highly recognizable Twitter feed across the site. Our team facilitated integration points with real time updates using the Twitter Feed Pro plugin. The page also contains easily located Featured News stories and filterable results with faceted search by Region, Country, and Topics for a better user experience.

Expanding a Global Network

As a “network of networks,” World Movement for Democracy relies greatly on their expansive global connections to facilitate solutions on a worldwide scale. The Networking pages incorporate featured events, updated opportunities, and networking activities with featured activist stories and video integrations. A custom interactive map uses hover states to connect users directly with pertinent regional information. The Regions networking directory incorporates filtered search for individuals, networks, and organizations as global partners of World Movement for Democracy.

Highlighting Vital Democracy Issues

A custom slider was built to highlight key issues and cross correlate with ongoing initiatives. Democracy alerts are tied directly to the Twitter feed for easily viewable updates. The Issues section highlights ongoing activities, news alerts, and initiatives. Our team also developed a story grid designed to showcase activists and their stories. By highlighting the global impact of World Movement for Democracy through storytelling and multimedia integrations, targeted calls to action prompting users to donate or take action help drive conversions. Related resources were included to promote the position of World Movement for Democracy as a thought leader in the field with reports, statements, and pdf’s available for the public.

Mobile Ready

The vast global network connected through World Movement for Democracy meant the mobile responsive design had to function on all three break points of mobile, tablet, and desktop. With global initiatives, events, and news updates, as well as an active Twitter feed to connect users on a worldwide scale, it was vital that the site remain performant even in areas of low data connectivity. The mobile responsive capabilities of World Movement for Democracy can now promote democracy by transcending boundaries across the globe.

Developing for Global Reach

Our team created a tech scope to ensure the development process went as smoothly as possible during the course of the project. We incorporated global taxonomies and created 8 templates with over 20 different layouts. A specific tech scope was created to explain the functionality of each layout in detail. In deploying the site, the private backend data was used to fuel the filtering and provide data about the individuals, networks, global participants, and activists. There were also custom integrations for videos that could be pulled into the same area. The body of content was used to fuel the News and Alerts, and the private end data was pulled into the flex modules to be displayed on specific pages.

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